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Nothing is Impossible – The Word Itself Says “I M POSSIBLE”!

American author William Arthur Ward trusted, “The average instructor tells. The great educator clarifies. The unrivaled educator illustrates. The immense educator motivates.” Bala V. Balachandran, industrialist, instructor, author and senior member, Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), bears sufficient declaration to this — from presenting current, applicable courses to motivating ages of understudies, he has been doing everything.
“I graduated with a distinctions degree in insights from Annamalai University, as my dad needed me to wind up noticeably an IAS officer. In any case, I needed to seek after building from College of Engineering, Guindy, in Chennai — a significant turn around from the standard where guardians need their wards to end up engineers!” he says. “As I was just 17, I did what was asked of me. Afterward, I went ahead to end up plainly a teacher of measurements at Annamalai University. Luckily for me, an educator originated from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and revealed to me that I could seek after my building without a college degree in the course.
I got a grant from the Ohio State University supported University of Dayton and did my lord’s in designing, after which I needed to do my Ph.D in operational research and modern building. Subsequently, I went to Carnegie Mellon, and was granted a gold decoration for my Ph.D proposition. Before long, I went to Northwestern University as a partner educator. After three years, in 1976, I had turned into a right hand teacher there. Some place down the line, I understood that I needed to take in some bookkeeping and concentrated contracted bookkeeping as well. Presently, I educate the two operations and cost administration at Kellogg School of Management and at GLIM.”

Turning achievement

Despite the fact that I was to a great extent into scholastics, I was additionally a cricketer at Annamalai University. I adored the diversion and spoke to the college as a turn bowler. To be a capable turn bowler, the wrist development is essential — eating curd rice and rasam rice helped me idealize my wrist development! As a tyke, my mom would watch like a sell to guarantee that my kin and I didn’t drop a grain of rice while eating. For this, I would need to turn the entire wrist to guarantee that the rice would enter my mouth without a grain falling on the floor. This development of the wrist was what went ahead to stand me in great stead and fortified my turn methods. The fact of the matter is that every one of us have exceptional aptitudes and in the event that we utilize our abilities to the ideal, we will profit, regardless of how cunningly we do it.

Play to your qualities

One of my different aptitudes is that I needn’t bother with a PC or a number cruncher to do figurings. I am solid at mental math. This additional to my center skills and assumed an instrumental part in helping me win my gold award.
I dealt with honing my current capacities keeping in mind the end goal to pick up an edge over my companions.

Additionally, it is vital for understudies today to develop their center abilities to pick up an edge over others and make a check for themselves in their particular fields of interests. Don’t aimlessly take after what your folks need you to unless you have the energy for it.

One lesson I learnt in life was to never surrender. I immovably trust that champs never quit and slackers never win. An occurrence that impelled me to take after this was my family was offended for being poor. That was the point at which I concluded that I needed to accomplish enormity and riches, not similarly as monetarily, but rather rationally, as well. Also, that couldn’t have happened on the off chance that I had stopped at the littlest indication of challenges.

I enjoy extraordinary accomplishing what individuals say I can’t, and for that, surrendering isn’t an alternative. Persistence is the way to progress. For example, Rajat Gupta let me know, that he had made ISB at Hyderabad, yet as I was an educator and not a rich industrialist, I couldn’t make a business college. That impelled me tosinglehandedly set up Great Lakes — regardless of experiencing heart surgeries.

The takeaway is that you don’t really need to be embarrassed to make progress and trees. In any case, on the other side, in the event that you have been embarrassed, it will work miracles to channel that mortification to draw out your best.


My most vital minute occurred at Annamalai University when a well known history specialist went by it. In any case, just the individuals who were secretaries of social orders —, for example, the arithmetic or science society, for example — were allowed to feast with him. I went ahead to end up plainly a secretary all since I needed to banter and be captured with him.

However another memory is the point at which we were informed that around 30 understudies from the college would go to Delhi to meet the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Clearly, I needed to be a piece of the appointment. I was informed that I would need to be chosen for a play that would be performed before Nehru. I continued on at it, was chosen for the play, and went ahead to meet Nehru. I was elated when I at last met and associated with him.

The discussion veered towards how, much like how he had made the IITs, I excessively needed, making it impossible to manufacture a business college. He acclaimed my objective and stated, “That is an elevated objective, yet keep at it and you will accomplish it.” It is after all only one out of every odd day that the Prime Minister recognizes your objective and guarantees you of progress.
Most loved guide

My math teacher, Rangaswami, was my tutor. He was an enormous inspiring component and made math to a great degree intriguing. I immovably trust that if a man can make math a good time for a person who originates from a family where math wasn’t the most loved subject, he must be a virtuoso.

A message

Nothing is unimaginable, no objective, unattainable. In the event that you can think ambitiously, put stock in accomplishing the unimaginable, and consider approaches to change over that fantasy into reality, the sky is your farthest point. Assurance, devotion and persistence will demonstrate to you the way.

Nothing is Impossible
Nothing is Impossible